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The Matcha Garden was created by two best friends who share a love & passion for matcha. It’s the health benefits and the taste for us! Our mission in 2020 was to bring pure ceremonial grade matcha powder from Japan to our local communities and teach them how to make delicious, nutrient-packed matcha drinks. Today, our full matcha kits are making their way around the states so that our customers can make their own delightful matcha latte at home.

When we met in 2015, we both already enjoyed matcha here and there, but as we discovered high-quality, ceremonial grade matcha, we never looked back. We learned about the amazing health benefits of pure matcha powder and wanted to share it with everyone! 


Creativity is a huge part of who we are and we love being able express that through crafting drinks for our menu. We make honey-based syrups, infused with fresh ingredients, like lavender, rose, vanilla bean, berries, herbs, etc.

Sound delicious? Shop our syrups here!


We also love to utilize our creativity in establishing our brand identity. We have backgrounds in graphic design, film, photography and web design. Our business gives us a unique opportunity to use two very different forms of creative expression.


We see the beauty and joy in every day life and recognize art as an incredible movement of God.


matcha babe


Co-founder of The Matcha Garden, born & raised in Columbus, GA! First, I LOVE PLANTS 🌱 - gardens, foods, my houseplants, flowers and you guessed it- MATCHA! 🍵 I’m married to the wildly talented Caleb Money & we have a small domestic zoo in our home- 2 doodles, a cats, & a dragon. I’ve always been a creative with

a passion for story-telling, since I was a child making stop-motion films with beanie babies, to making hope-filled videos for non-profits (throughout college & even today), to having a videography business with Caleb for 5 yrs, bringing the power of cinematic story telling to the wedding industry. I LOVE hearing & telling people’s stories any way I can! I would love to hear YOUR story!

I also developed a passion for health & wellness over the years, as I’ve had my own health journey unfold. Ultimately I feel like my mission in life is to bring hope to those who feel hopeless. I’ve struggled with auto-immune issues for a long time and a few years ago, I started taking my health into my own hands by cutting out inflammatory foods from my diet as a way to begin healing from the inside out, along with a lot of prayer, which is where I am today. There is always hope.

Matcha started as a way to replace coffee for me, that warm morning caffeinated drink experience... then I learned about the health benefits it contains & my love for matcha grew immensely! Matcha brings me joy and I want to invite you all into that place of wellness and joy with me, knowing our bodies are being given nutrients they need to thrive!

My preferred way (currently) to drink matcha is a latte with oat milk and our lavender honey syrup!

The Matcha Garden allows us to encourage others around us that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be bland & boring. It can be just, if not more, delicious & fun! We love seeing our community embracing matcha and watching someone who has never tried matcha say, “Oh my, this is so good! I’ve never had anything like this.” ☺️

matcha babe


Co-founder of The Matcha Garden. 🌱 I am implanted from Arizona and have lived in Georgia for 5 years now - time flies when your having fun. First, I love trying new things, exploring new places, climbing mountains🏔, eating delicious food, making things beautiful and without a shadow of a doubt - MATCHA! I’m married to a very handsome man named David + we have a gorgeous independent daughter named Olive who loves her mature dog-brother, Peeco 🐶, nearly to death with her choke holds.

I’ve always been a health conscious person but it wasn’t until I suffered with extreme neck pain in my early twenties that I began eliminating foods from my diet. After having my daughter, my body changed even more and so did my mental state. I began dealing with depression and anxiety (feeling stressed at every moment even when nothing was happening) — which now looking back I can contribute mostly to my typical American diet. I began discovering the way each food/beverage I consumed effected my body. Coffee was one of the contributors to my feeling of being over stressed.

I was sad to say goodbye to this beverage and will occasionally have a decaf coffee every now and then but my body, mind, and husband (😂) thank me every day for this decision.

Matcha makes me feel strong, focused, and proud of what I am giving my body. Along with sharing Jesus and wellness with people, making delicious drinks for people gives my heart SO MUCH JOY!

I love seeing the surprised face people get when they taste our matcha and realize it’s not anything that they thought it would taste like. Owning a beverage shop has been a passion of mine for so long and I am thankful that I have the opportunity to do it with one of my best friends and all of you!

My preferred way (currently) to drink matcha is a latte with oat milk, rose-infused syrup, and fresh vanilla bean syrup. Can’t get enough! 

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